About Us

Dr. Amrik Singh Cheema Foundation Trust (DASCFT) is a NGO dedicated to empowering and improving the lives of the underserved population of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. DASCFT was formally launched in 2002 and has a governing council in specialized fields like health care, education, agriculture and banking.

Through DASCFT programs, seminars and projects we hope to create awareness in the areas of health and education and combat the growing problems faced by local communities.

DASCFT has held numerous seminars, workshops and conferences since 2002, bringing farmers together with experts, policy makers, researchers and people from the private sector. Through these events we have effectively addressed the problems of small farmers, encouraged self-help, and networking so they can find solutions and methods to effectively reach out to the government and private sectors. We have held seminars on topics varying from ending female feticide to curbing the growing problems of drug and alcohol addiction in communities. In case of rural women, we have also held seminars to help us understand their needs for future work.

Dr Amrik Singh Cheema

DASCFT propagates the principles, philosophy and sacred missions of Dr. Amrik Singh Cheema’s life. A pioneer in agricultural extension in India, Dr. Cheema planned and implemented strategies that made the country become self-sufficient in food, an outstanding achievement by any standard.

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