Jagdeep Cheema
Jagdeep Singh Cheema

Determined to continue his legacy, spirit and sentiments, Jagdeep Singh Cheema S/o Dr. Amrik Singh Cheema founded this Trust. A known philanthropist and a performer throughout, he introduced many innovative schemes that helped in the multiple growth of whichever institution/organisation he has been associated with.

As Chairman of Dr. Amrik Singh Cheema Foundation, Jagdeep Singh Cheema plans to augment the activities in such a way that the well-defined objectives of the Trust are achieved. Click here to know more about Jagdeep Singh Cheema.

Mrs. Pritpal Cheema
Mrs. Pritpal Cheema

Mrs. Cheema has been helping the visually impaired for more than 10 years. She started as a volunteer teacher at the Institute for the Blind, Chandigarh (U.T.) and has since been helping students, by recording numerous text books, donating equipment and also providing financial support. Her experience made it clear that it was critical to develop a talking library program to build a support system, especially in higher education for visually impaired students, that would allow them easy access to coursework.

Her vision became a reality in 2009 when the foundation built a talking library first of its kind in the city of Chandigarh, U.T.. Mrs. Cheema also serves as a member on the Child Welfare Committee, Chandigarh U.T.

She remains dedicated to bring positive change in the lives of many.



Jyoti Sharma
Kiran Syal

Kiran has been working at the Talking Library since February 2010. She is pursuing a B.A. (correspondence) at Punjab University. She is highly committed to helping the students by providing audio materials for their higher education. Kiran says “ I feel very lucky to have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the visually impaired”. Other than reading to help people she also enjoys reading story books and is fond of music.

Kiran Syal
Jyoti Sharma

Jyoti records and creates audio books for the Talking Library. She is pursuing her Master’s degree (correspondence) from Punjab University. Jyoti enjoys her work at the Talking Library as she believes the program is empowering visually impaired students by supporting their educational needs. She works hard as a team member to help achieve organizational goals. In her free time she enjoys reading, listening to music and likes to cook.


Advisory Committee

Keerti Bhusan Pradhan

Independent Consultant

Keerti Bhusan Pradhan, has a Masters degree from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. With 24 years of experience in variety of health and development organizations serving in almost 25 countries of Asia and Africa, Keerti has placed himself as an independent consultant based out of Chandigarh.

His aim for another 15 years is to see development happening through NGOs, Universities and public sector organisations in Northern India like he has experienced while working in South India. He believes that efficient management is key to any organisation whether it is public, private or a charity.

With the above experience and background, he has kindly consented to be an advisor to our foundation trust.

Boona Cheema

Executive Director, Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)

Boona cheema grew up in India deeply affected by the experiences of a new country being born, a country which has left many of its people disinfranchised. After earning degrees in journalism, economics, and divinity, boona has dedicated her adult life focusing her expertise, resources, and passion on creating opportunities for people in poverty and who are impacted by HIV/AIDS, mental illness, drug and alchohol abuse. Her work is both local and international.

Boona lives in the USA and worked her way up through the ranks of the NGO that offered her assistance at that time, boona has now served as its Executive Director for over 35 years, Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS) – is an award-winning organization. Boona has served as board member, trainer, consultant, and volunteer for other human service and social justice organizations -- Seva Foundation, Global Exchange, Oxfam America, Encampment for Citizenship, First Fund for Youth .

Boona’s grassroots local and international work has given her perspective and deep knowledge of the inequities which exist in a globalised world,she has focused on forging interdisciplinary public-private partnerships, both to create new resources and share learning.Boona has won many awards including President Bush Point of Light. She has a week named after her in Alameda County, CA which also inducted her in their Hall of Fame

Dr. Jatinder K. Cheema

Dr. Jatinder K. Cheema is a retired Senior Executive Officer with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Dr. Cheema has served as Mission Director in Armenia, Eritrea, and the Regional Mission for West Africa located in Ghana. for over twenty years at USAID. Her most recent posts were as Mission Director to Armenia, Afghanistan, Regional Mission for West Africa located in Ghana and Eritrea. In additions she has also served in the USAID Missions to the Central Asia Republics Mission located in Kazakhstan and to Burkina Faso. As a senior manager, Dr. Cheema was responsible for directing staff and programs across multiple sectors such as democratic reforms, economic restructuring health and social reforms, energy and water. Dr. Cheema received multiple Superior Honor rewards in appreciation of her services with USAID.

Dr. Cheema holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan, and a Master’s degree from the University of New Delhi in India.

A resident of Madison, Wisconsin, Dr. Cheema has working knowledge of French and Russian and is fluent in Hindi and Punjabi. She is a passionate tennis player and avid reader, and loves to learn how to play various musical instruments.


Governing Council

  • Mr. Chiranjiv Singh, IAS Retd. Former Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka
  • Mrs. Geeta Bali
  • Mr. Inderpal S. Chadha, Chief Secretary, Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle
  • Mr. Mohinder S. Virdy, Retd. Consultant World Bank