To inspire you to change lives

How you can make a difference

  • Volunteer your voice and time for the visually impaired
  • Participate in health education programs for youth, children and families living in poverty
  • Share our program information with your local and regional radio and television stations to air public-service advertisements
  • Intern with DASCFT (for students)

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Volunteer with Cheematrust

It was great meeting and working with some of the highly motivation and intelligent students who use the DASFCT Development Initiative resources, specifically the Talking Library. I am glad that I could help these young people, who happen to be either visually impaired or print disabled, access the additional tools they need to get ahead in an educational system that is not designed around their specific learning needs. Through volunteering time for things like grant and program proposals, photo/video documentation and promotional materials, and one on one editing help I was able to directly make a difference. It was a chance to help the organization expand their services for students working towards the education they need for success in a rapidly changing society while fostering community development.

Theodora Ruhs - Volunteer

Many a times we take things for granted and we do not realize how lucky we are to have them. The best thing you can do, if you have things others don’t is to give back. And that is exactly what we do here at DASCFT. My sister and I started volunteering for this foundation during our winter holidays in 2011. Since then, we have been actively involved with lending a hand to Bani Cheema. We spend our time here recording books in audio format in the foundations own recording studio, help creating awareness, and researching support opportunities for the programs. But, what makes us come back to help the visually impaired? It’s the fact that after getting involved, the spirit of giving back has been interleaved in us. By helping to make audio books, we feel happy to know that we've been making someone else’s life a little bit easier. Conducting and planning fundraisers, makes us feel delighted to know we are helping a cause close to our hearts because 'to give is religion'.

Gursaya & Nanki Grewal - Volunteer

I’ve always had a philanthropic side to my personality. I was introduced to Bani Cheema by my mother during the 2011 Christmas break. When I first came here I was a bit apprehensive about whether or not I would like it here and if this was a cause that I actually believed in? However, from day one of being involved at DASCFT I have not only enjoyed working here but have also been inspired by the selfless way Bani works to give back to society. DASCFT has a talking library where volunteers come and help record audio books for the visually impaired. DASCFT also holds workshops for the visually impaired so that they become independent, and are able to overcome hurdles they encounter in their life. The foundation has a health education program as well that strives to improve the living standards of the undeserved.

Having a pair of normal eyes is a blessing for which we never show gratitude, a blessing that we never appreciate or are thankful for. After coming here I have not only started counting my blessings but also realized that little is being done to aid the visually impaired. This being a cause that I had never thought about earlier has turned me into its staunch supporter. The cordial and amicable atmosphere provided here is so welcoming that it keeps bringing me back. Spending time here not only makes me feel like a responsible member of society but also helps me utilize my time in a positive and a productive manner.

Tripat Sekhon

Life’s most urgent question is : What are you doing for the other?

Martin Luther King

As a young Student, caught in the rut of routine academic life, I often muse about the worth of the human life. I am endouced with. Surely, we humans were not created for the singular purpose of chasing all the affluence and power that the earth can make a provision for? Yet how many of us actually venture out to give full expression to the quality of humanity that lies largely latent within us? A handful may be? The rest of us can hardly afford the time, energy or money that is required for any kind of charity.

But here at the talking library, I realized that I really didn’t have to make much effort or invest long hours in working towards making someone’s life simpler and easier. Lending my voice for preparing audio coursework for the visually impaired is not only gratifying, fun and effortless, but educative too, since the hours of recording have given me a great insight into voice modulation and verbal clarity. Also, the fact that I am allowed to choose the time and duration, as also the coursework for recording works well to my benefit. My personnel account won’t be complete without a mention of the staff here that is patient and cordial to a fault.

Aarti Selvaraj