There is a growing concern over drug and alcohol abuse in local area, which affects male and female youth alike. The Foundation in collaboration with the Social Welfare Department, Chandigarh undertook a research to create a curriculum for preventative education and activities.

Our team worked towards an effective course of action to develop constructive partnerships to help address this issue by conducting a case study on alcohol and substance abuse. With the assistance of two students from Government Model High School, Manimajra and with support from high school teachers and counselors, we were able to identify a person to study. The students developed questions and conducted interviews with this person under the supervision of the foundation team. The goal of the questions and interviews were to discover the cause and effects of abuse, and to find course for effective treatment and prevention.

Staff then helped the students analyze and collate the case study for presentation in a PowerPoint format, presented in a way that is understandable and accessible to youth. The presentation developed by the girls is available to be shared at other schools in 2012.