Visual Impairment Programs

The Talking Library for the Visually Impaired is set up to address the educational needs of people with visual impairment and print disability. By providing audio books we help students excel in their subject areas, meet their educational requirements, and increases their chances of better job opportunities to lead them to a path of self-sufficiency. The library membership is free of cost for students and allows them to borrow audio materials as per their requirement.

This includes college curriculum, materials for competitive exams, news and so on.

The talking library program is always in need of volunteers to record books. Over 230 students have benefitted from this program and the number keeps growing.


May 11, 2018

I feel heavenly to get a chance to record books for visually impaired students. These recording sessions have been very close to my heart from day one onwards as it has taught me a lot. When I was 19 I went to a blind school & suddenly I felt ashamed that we have everything in totality - but yet we always complaint or make excuses. From that very day, I wanted to do something fruitful but did not knew how ? Cheema Trust and Foundation gave me a platform and I decided to give my best to this noble foundation who actually works at the core problem faced by visually impaired. I would like to congratulate each member who is associated with this foundation in any way as this foundation is doing really a great job that too without publicising it.

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Communications workshops for the visually impaired

May 9, 2013

Communications workshops for the visually impaired.

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Eye Camp at GMSSS – Sec 10

Oct 12, 2012

DASCFT in collaboration with doctors of the Government and the Private sectors conducted an Eye Camp in Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector – 10, Chandigarh. Around 600+ children in the age group 7-12 years and their parents were screened for refractive errors.

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Article on Eyes

Sep 12, 2012

285 million people in the world are visually impaired. 19 million of them are children. 80% of all visually impaired can be avoided.

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Partnership with Daisy forum of India

Sep 14, 2011

As part of the partnership with Daisy forum of India, on september 14, 2011 DASCFT converted the recording process of the talking library to the Digital Access Information System (DAISY). This format allows the library to create audio books with a uniquely accessible navigational system ideal for providing education to all print disabled students.

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