As part of the partnership with Daisy forum of India, on september 14, 2011 DASCFT converted the recording process of the talking library to the Digital Access Information System (DAISY). This format allows the library to create audio books with a uniquely accessible navigational system ideal for providing education to all print disabled students.

DASCFT Digital Talking Library is the first of it’s kind in Chandigarh, U.T. The number of students benefiting from this program continues to grow. We have over 100 student members at the talking library belonging to Chandigarh U.T., Punjab, Haryana, & Himachal Pradesh.

Although we are providing a solution by creating easy access to education, we feel that more needs to be done in this every growing competitive job market. Therefore, under this program we also conduct communication skills and personality development workshops for visually challenged students hoping that this would help them become more employable.

In addition, the foundation trust has also two years in a row supported visually challenged students to participate in the National Sports Meet for the Blind, Ludhiana.