DASCFT in collaboration with doctors of the Government and the Private sectors conducted an Eye Camp in Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector – 10, Chandigarh. Around 600+ children in the age group 7-12 years and their parents were screened for refractive errors.


Grade Number of Students Need immidiate intervention %
3A 60 16 26.7
3B 60 20 33.3
3C 59 19 32.2
4A 70 10 14.3
4B 70 3 4.3
4C 75 13 17.3
5A 75 10 13.3
5B 76 12 15.8
5C 75 10 13.3
Total 620 113 18.2

Press Release

As an effort to create awareness on avoidable blindness and its causes, the DASCFT team held its first Eye Camp on 26th October, 2012 at the Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector – 10, Chandigarh. This screening was a part of the Foundation’s Health Prevention Program launched in July 2012.

The Foundation is planning to organize Health screenings on a regular basis and is looking forward to expanding this initiative to other institutions and people living in poverty.

Knowing that 80% of blindness is avoidable, still this area is not brought into the forefront. The Foundation is encouraging the participation of all members of the society in general and the parents in particular to take a community approach to promote good health.

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